About us

We're Experts!

We are Infozzle – we are an internet agency who offer a full and specialist service.

Our diverse team are experts who bring their own specific experience and skills to the able  table and are all well-versed in English, both in written form and spoken form.   We only do a limited number of projects each month, so our clients know they are not just in a huge pile or long queue waiting to be dealt with.  Each and every client and their web project that we take on, we give our full attention.  We will also always be upfront and tell you about everything at every stage of our business relationship.

Unlike a lot of companies and agencies out there, we don’t consider ourselves to be a jack-of-all-trades and in areas where we do not have enough experience and expertise we seek out the help of those who do, always with the aim to produce the best end product for our clients that we possibly can.


At Infozzle we understand each crucial element of the digital landscape and we will use this knowledge to device an effective and appropriate digital strategy for your company’s projects. We consider ourselves to be media and technology agnostic and therefore do not have bias to any particular digital medium or discipline. All of our services are offered to an equal high quality standard.


Most of the clients that we have worked with in the past and who we are currently working with use our services in an integrated fashion, meaning that our team has a 360 degree view of their projects. Others only need or want to use specific services for their requirements. In both scenarios we are more than happy to work alongside them and share our knowledge and skills. Our main goal is always to deliver outstanding results with certainty, removing all of the guess work out of the process so that you can be sure your website and digital strategy will be a success.

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