Measure your performance

Importance Of Measurement

In order for your website to experience a good ROI, at Infozzle we will help to analyse and invest in the best channels, while making the necessary changes along the way to increase the conversion rate of your potential customers and viewers into actual sales.  Our experienced team have all worked on and with various different websites and helped with the analytics side of those projects so are more than suited to this kind of work.

How We Do It?

Advanced Analytics

We have experience using and implementing a variety of analytic tools .  Some of our team are fully certified with the Google Analytics Individual Qualification.  To help you we will first ensure that we understand the requirements for your business and assist you thoroughly in measuring each and every activity on all your web properties.

Implementing Tools

Infozzle will help you implement and integrate many of the tools for analysing your website that are available.  We specialise in using Google Analytics deployment and used this powerful tool with most of our biggest clients.  With just the right implementation, you can be sure that you will be making decisions based on the most accurate numbers.


It is important to understand why you should have an expert implementing your analytical tools.  Any wrong move made in the analysis of your site could have expensive repercussions.  However, with an expert implementing them, these tools can give you more data about your website that you may ever have imagined.  This will give you the edge and will always ensure the numbers are on your side – removing the guess work when it comes to crucial decisions.


When trying to use analytics tools on your own, it can be intimidating. However, Infozzle understand this and will train you and the rest of your team in an interactive session so that you all know the functionality to get the most important data from the tools. We will also help debunk the mysterious jargon associated with Web analytics so you clearly understand the principles of information structure. These training sessions will either be help remotely via a virtual conference or actually on-site at your business.

MIS And Consultation Services

Infozzle will work with you as your in-house analytics team. We will analyse and monitor all the reports of your website and advise you on suitable actions based on the findings and our experience. We also provide the clients we work for with MIS services to extract and transform data into reports or any format that is used as standard in your company.

Who Is This For?

This service is for anyone who wants to monitor and optimise their websites – whether they are made by someone else or our own design team at Infozzle.  We will provide an in-depth look at your website with actionable recommendations.

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