Digital Strategy

Stay Ahead of the Curve

In the modern world it is just as crucial for a company to have a digital strategy as it is to have a communications or business strategy.

At Infozzle, we know the importance of this and will endeavour to comprehend your company’s various objectives and the challenges you face meeting those. Once we know what those are we will then help you to determine your digital goals.


After we have all that information we will then carry our a thorough audit of the digital landscape for your particular field or niche and look at things such as search performance, market size, influencers (such as bloggers and social networks), competitors and potential customers to workout where your target market are easiest to reach online. Finally, we will then create what we call a “strategy map” that focuses on the main considerations and details the appropriate actions we/you need to take to fully defend against the problems and threats and exploit opportunities.

What We Do

Identify Challenges

In terms of commercial and/or communication, we will help you determine your main challenges.  It could be that you have to secure a greater number of service users, sell more products or spend less on acquiring more customers.  However,  the challenges may be unrelated to the money side of things, if it involves for instance, increase the awareness of a specific brain within your target customer base.

Define Audience

One of the main tasks our team will be involved in is working out how big and what kind of market you are trying to work within.  We will work out exactly where they are in the world and how they are connected in the online world.  Size and nature of your audience is vital as it helps answer many questions about how to proceed and gives us guidance as to how we make important decisions while working with you.

Competitor Audit

It is imperative that you keep an eye on your competitors as you will be able to gauge what you have to do to always be a step ahead.  We will take an in-depth look at their moves, including anything and everything from from keyword phrases they are targeting and the various SEO strategies they may be utilising to the conversion and traffic levels they are expecting or experiencing.  Our team will build an accurate, insightful and very detailed report.  We believe that this is one of the most crucial stages to get right if you want your business to be a commercial success.

Advanced Analytics

We have experience using and implementing a variety of analytic tools .  Some of our team are fully certified with the Google Analytics Individual Qualification.  To help you we will first ensure that we understand the requirements for your business and assist you thoroughly in measuring each and every activity on all your web properties.

Digital Roadmap

A good digital roadmap is there to balance the priorities you have towards your customers and the business.  We create a roadmap that focuses on the various steps that need to be taken to attract new customers, improving the conversion rate of potential and existing customers and your customer’s experience in general.

We will also help you by marking up a ROI business model showing the return of project investment you can expect with the project in mind in terms of finance and other areas.  Obviously, the main goal is exceeding or at least meeting the original ROI targets.

What Sets Us Apart?

At Infozzle we consider our team to be very different from other similar service providers operating at the moment.  Our team is a varied mixture of marketers, designers, MBA and engineers, so there is a veritable pool of talent with differing skill-sets and experience who all work together to produce a well-defined strategy that has been considered thoroughly from all angles.

Who Is This For?

The services we offer at Infozzle are for people and businesses who need more than just a strong website – we see our role as the catalyst for transformation.  Our services will suit anyone who is looking for an experienced and skilled digital partner to work with in the capacity similar to that of an in-house digital marketing team, working closely with your company management.

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