User Experience

Keep It Simple

Importance Of User Experience

User experience is very important to your online business, and by user experience we don’t just mean how it looks. A good looking website is only part of it. A more crucial aspect is the usability of a website and at Infozzle we can help you by creating an attractive website that works smoothly and is a good experience for your customers and target audience or making the appropriate changes to your already existing website.


Usability comes from information being well executed, architected and constructed. Our team will work very closely with you so we understand fully how important information is and the best way for it to be structured and presented to potential clients.


We also believe that interaction is something that should always be at the forefront of all we do for a client’s website. Every step of the way, we will look at how users use your website and how you want them to. Working out the information that needs to be presented to and when, controlling the journey your users and customers go on when they use your site and making sure they get the right level of fulfillment at each stage.

What Sets Us Apart?

We have a lot of experience working with some very well known brands and have carried out work on and created from scratch very advanced websites. We have learnt from the mistakes they have made in the past, gained a lot through experience and can provide you a very unbiased and completely neutral view of your website and the actionable changes we need to make to improve things for your business and site.


We want to aim for intuitive usability with every design and website we work on. Websites that are simple to use, functionality, processes that are easy to remember and not to forget “fun” are all necessary for users feeling comfortable with your website.

Who Is This For?

At Infozzle our services are aimed at two different types of people/businesses. Those who already have a website that looks good and suits their niche and target audience, but want it to be assessed from a usability perspective, in order to increase their conversion rate and how easy it is to use for customers . The other type are those who are building a website with their in-house IT team or another company and want another opinion on how good or bad the user experience is of their website.

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