Website Development

Stand out online

At Infozzle we offer a completely bespoke website development service.

Our team starts from scratch and we advise you on what your website requires and help you to define them.  We offer top drawer level design as well as the actual code behind the website  and we are both proficient in creating ridiculously simple websites and very intricately complicated websites too.  As search engine placing and ranking is vital, we understand the importance of your website being search engine friendly and to keep up with modern browsing trends we will ensure it is mobile-friendly as well.  We are also able to, if necessary, to write the actual content for your website and we will test it’s usability by a special and separate testing team.  In other words, we offer you the fullest and most complete turnkey solution to all your website needs and issues.

What Type Of Websites Do We Make?

We are experienced and skilled in making websites of all kinds and therefore if you are looking for any of the following, get in contact with us:

Static Websites – These simple, but effective websites are the kind that are best suited to new starters who want an online presence.

Dynamic Websites – These are more advanced websites that utilize more advanced marketing tools

Content Management Systems – These are sites that are designed to enable the client to update and upload content by themselves.

E-commerce Websites – These are, as the name hints, websites used for selling products online.

What Sets Us Apart?

Why should you come to Infozzle with all your website development needs?  To put it simply, we are a team of highly qualified and well experienced experts.  We don’t make 100s of websites every month, all looking exactly the same.  We instead work with a very limited client base and focus more on producing high quality websites, substance and quality over speed and quantity.  At Infozzle we do not consider ourselves to be a group of elitist techies and we will do our utmost to bog you down with all the nitty-gritty technical details and issues you don’t need to know about.

Who Is This For?

This service from our team at Infozzle is for people who either need a new website or want to have their current website revamped and improved.  People who are looking for a high quality, in terms of usability and aesthetics, website that will give them a more appealing and prominent presence on the web – a site that will make their customers say WOW!

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